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The distinguished pediatrician Benjamin Spock wrote “What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.” And at Karité Organics we feel that babies ought to have access to the same healthy and conscientious level of skin care that their mother’s need. Our luxurious line of skin care products will endow you and your baby with lusciously soft and healthy skin; while keeping the planet healthy and thriving.



NATURE SMART™ Ingredients

  • At Karité Organics we cultivate plant-based active ingredients in their all-natural fresh state in order to offer you nature’s remarkably regenerative and healing properties; that only nature can produce.

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Safe & Efficient

  • We use unaltered wild and certified organic essential oils, at recommended safe levels, in combination with rich botanical oils, butters, extracts, and antioxidants to create our exclusive line of safe and simple products that offer a pure and unparalleled source from which to make a positive change to the skin.

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Conscientious Packaging

  • We use eco friendly recyclable, or reusable, packaging and materials that are not only safe for you and your family, but safe for the environment as well.

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Mother holding baby's feet in her handAt Karité Organics we believe your baby deserves the very best, and that you deserve to the have peace of mind that the products you use on your baby’s skin are safe, non-toxic, and especially formulated for their delicate skin. Thus, our team has assembled this special collection of amazingly soothing, nutrient-rich, ingredients to provide your baby with the ultimate in comfort, and an irritation free start in life.


Karité Organics Baby products are 100% natural, safe, and effective for babies; and for ANYONE that enjoys healthy skin.


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I fell in love with Karite products from the first try. Happy Nappy Diaper Balm doesn’t only do a great job at keeping away the rash but it smells so good! I always just want to take a taste because it smells like the most delicious desert! Most importantly I feel safe putting this balm on my baby’s skin because it’s a pure, organic, plant goodness and it doesn’t irritate my baby girl’s sensitive skin. It actually healed little rough patches from the previous cream I was using. Finally, her skin is super soft and healthy again.
The Everyday Body Butter I used for my skin is a little piece of heaven. It leaves my skin silky smooth and heals any irritation, roughness or dryness. And it smells divine! It transforms my mood from tired mamma to earth goddess! It’s pure aromatherapy in a jar! The ingredients are pure, potent and effective. I urge you to try it! You’ll fall in love with them just like I did!.

– Dove C.


Pregnant mother and child doing yogaKarité Organics’ Mama Products are formulated around the knowledge that women, both during pregnancy and motherhood, must-have access to products which were specifically formulated to enhance your wellness. Our unique approach is from the “outside in”, in order to maintain your skin’s delicate, supple, and naturally radiant balance during your amazing journey through pregnancy and motherhood.


Karité Organics’ Pregnancy and Motherhood products are 100% natural, and are safe and effective for expectant mamas and ANYONE that treasures healthy and glowing skin.


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Elena’s knowledge and passion made me feel 110% confident that her products were the right choice for my family as I embarked on the adventure of changing my families lifestyle from the inside out! From my skin to my babies skin I have experienced AMAZING results, you’re missing out if your not using these products.

– Ashley K.