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We have chosen to commit to the legacy of living a guilt free, beautiful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle while making a positive impact on the world for us all. We are devoted to creating high quality organic products as well as maintaining long-term customer satisfaction. Our products are 100% guaranteed. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied.

We are committed to the following principles:

100 Percent Certified Organic Ingredients100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

To support and encourage sustainable agriculture, farmers’ health and ecological processing methods we are committed to use only certified organic ingredients. Such ingredients are filled with life force and contribute to better products, healthier people, and a healthier planet.


Think organic is the best? Think again. Karité Organics strives to source essential oils and extracts that are expressed from wild plants grown without human intervention, just as nature intended them to. Wildcrafted plants grow surrounded by mixed species in unpolluted, pristine habitats and are harvested sustainably; these unconventional methods result in crops that have even more nutritious properties than when grown organically. Wild is what every good organic farmer aims for!

100 percent natural ingredients


We use only plant and plant-derived natural ingredients in our formulas. Keeping things simple and as close to the natural state as possible is not only healthier for you and the planet but also results in effective products.


Karité Organics is strongly committed to a pure and truly healthy lifestyle without compromise, and using only time proven ingredients. Our skin care products are proudly free of vegetable cooking oils derived from sources like sunflower, canola, soybean, corn and safflower seeds. Even when organically produced, the seeds are chemically removed, deodorized, and altered, resulting into some of the most chemically processed oils, yet most of the times they get promoted as healthy. Because of their chemical structure, these highly refined polyunsaturated oils become very unstable during processing, therefore susceptible to oxidative rancidity creating toxic free radicals.


Olive oil is a Mediterranean dietary staple, that has not only been praised for centuries for its nutritional benefits but also for its skin moisturizing properties. Nevertheless, due to poor regulations, modern processing methods and handling, rancidity, mold and fermentation are major problems even among the best varieties. Its chemical structure and large amount of monounsaturated fats, make olive oil extremely sensitive to heat induced damaged when used for cooking and skin care preparations therefore, very susceptible to oxidation which results in toxic free radicals. Karité Organics is committed to leave out any plant based ingredients of questionable quality and manufacturing practices. We believe that the less processed and heat-treated skin care products are, the more nutritious and healthier they are for you.


Karité Organics is passionate about wild, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We do not use GMO ingredients as we, and many of our customers, are uncertain of their safety. We support GMO labeling initiatives and believe that consumers have the right to know if they are using GMO products.


Synthetic fragrance is a chemical cocktail that can contain up to 200 undeclared substances such as phthalates and formadehyde donors and is one of the most toxic substances allowed in skin care products, including in many so-called “natural” products. To add the true scent of nature, along with tremendous healing properties to our formulas we only use 100% steam distilled, wild and certified organic pure essential oils derived from natural plant materials: flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, stems, peel, bark, wood and roots.


Scientific research has shown that over time the gluten protein found in wheat can damage the gut lining leading to digestive problems and a weaker immune system. All Karité Organics products are gluten free and are produced in a dedicated gluten free environment.


Overwhelming evidence indicates that the isoflavones found in soy act like estrogen leading to hormonal imbalance, allergies, asthma, under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and weight gain. We are committed to great health and keeping our formulas soy free.

100 percent fair tradeFAIR TRADE

We strives to incorporate Fair Trade Certified ingredients for all formulations and supports farmers and companies that honor fair trade agreements. We wholeheartedly believe in the Fair Trade movement and the impact is has upon farm workers, their farms, communities, business development projects as well as ecosystem preservation for future generations.


Karité Organics has always been passionately against animal testing. We do not test any of our products on animals and never have. Since our products are meant for humans we test their safety and effectiveness only on willing volunteers.

100 percent biodegradable100% BIODEGRADABLE

Our products are 100% biodegradable, safely breaking down so they don’t pollute our waterways after going down the drain. Each quarter we plant a number of trees in an effort to do our part and consistently contribute to the renewal of natural resources.