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Karité Organics Celebrates Launch with New Organic Nature Smart™ Skin Care Line for Baby and Mom

December 6, 2013 – ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Karité Organics (www.kariteorganics.com), a unique skin care company that features unaltered, plant based, wild and certified organic ingredients especially designed for moms-to-be, infants, as well as the rest of the family, announced its launch today. Karité Organics is a family owned and operated company founded on the principles of striving to provide the highest quality, sustainable, and truly natural, skin care products. Each of its products is hand-crafted with great care and is a reflection of the values and holistic philosophy at the core of the company’s trade. Karité Organics’ rich and luxurious, moisturizing and healing products are proudly 100 percent free of any toxins, animal by-products, water, artificial fragrances, dyes, emulsifiers, texture enhancers, synthetic preservatives, or other harmful cosmetic chemicals and/or wasteful, hazardous, materials.

Regarding the company’s recent launch, its founder Elena Vasilescu said, “Karité Organics was born out of my own family’s frustration and inability to find truly natural, organic, and effective skin care products for our baby, that can actually make a positive change for his well-being. Like most moms, I only want the best for my children and do everything in my power to be conscious of our health, and what it is that I am applying to our skin.”

More than a decade ago, Elena decided to break free of conventional social norms, and started to practice lifestyle strategies to regain her own health from hypothyroidism and infertility. From her research, she began to expand her focus by applying her knowledgebase to effect the changes necessary to restore wellness for the rest of her family; who were suffering from dry skin, eczema, and other immune system disorders. Her most alarming discovery regarding the skin, was that nearly everything put on the skin gets absorbed straight into the bloodstream, to be distributed throughout the body, without any filtering. It was from this realization that she became a believer in the connection between radiant skin health and internal wellness.

“After thoroughly investigating all the ingredients in the personal care products my family was using daily, I became greatly concerned over the harmful chemicals that we were exposed to on an accumulated basis. According to the latest published data, there are almost 80,000 synthetic chemicals today and over 10,500 of them are used in cosmetics. Close to 90 percent of these chemicals were never tested for safety; 80 percent of them have been linked to irreversible long term health hazards such as infertility, birth defects, and 287 of them were found in newborn cord blood. But, I am realistic. We know that, even in the face of this new evidence, the chemical companies, to maintain their profit margins, are not going to do what is needed to be done. As a matter of fact, through my research, I came to find out that even the so called natural brands weren’t as non-toxic and safe as they claimed,” continued Elena Vasilescu.

{About Karité Oragnics Product Line}
At Karité Organics you will find exquisite products that are made with time-honored wild, and certified organic, ingredients of the highest quality; only available in nature in various parts of the world. “Truly, out of concern for my own family, I decided to take charge of making certain that the products my family was putting on their skin were healthy, and began crafting my own skin care products from scratch; using only the most pure plant-based ingredients in their all natural, fresh, state in order to preserve all the healing properties that only nature can provide. After much research, testing, and fine tuning each recipe, I am now ready to share my products with you and the ones you love,” said Elena Vasilescu.

  • Mama Glow! Belly Butter: This velvety, buttery soft, pregnancy skincare blend draws its unique nourishing and restorative properties from seven of the best plant based ingredients available to rejuvenate and promote skin elasticity. These ingredients have been used for centuries across five continents to increase cell rejuvenation, boost elastically, sooth and nourish the skin during pregnancy in order to help reduce the appearance of old stretch marks, and help to prevent the formation of new ones. {4 oz amber glass jar: $43}
  • Pure Bliss Baby Oil: The perfect way to complete baby’s bedtime bliss experience and make mama’s magic touch even softer. This calming blend is power packed with nourishing vitamins, immune building beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids derived from organic apricot kernels, evening primrose, and jojoba oils making it the perfect way to gently nurture, nourish, repair and protect baby’s delicate skin from head to toe. {4 fl oz cobalt glass bottle: $33}
  • Happy Nappy Diaper Balm: The most pure, gentle, and effective moisture repellent barrier especially designed to protect and refresh baby’s most sensitive skin. This ultra-rich, silky smooth formula uses a proprietary blend of extremely effective and restorative botanicals that have been known for centuries to prevent, and sooth, heat flare ups, irritated skin, and the painful symptoms of diaper rash. {2 oz cobalt glass jar: $21}
  • Everyday Body Butter: A truly versatile and luxurious butter, hand-crafted from a wonderful base of raw organic village made African shea butter. This exquisite blend is fueled by an abundance of health-promoting active bio-available vitamins, minerals, and powerful anti aging antioxidants that act synergistically against the free radicals that destroy skin cells and lead to premature aging. The delightful scent of its aromatherapy blend helps center emotions, encourages creativity and the expression of inner beauty making this butter the ultimate favorite mind and body care product. {4 oz amber glass jar: $33}
  • Rescue Balm: This extra-concentrated, rich moisturizer helps sooth and softens severely dry, cracked overworked hands and feet, as well as any chapped, rough and extremely weathered skin. Our pure and exquisite formula is ultra-moisturizing, non-greasy, fast penetrating, soothing, rejuvenating, and delivers prompt relief leaving even the driest skin supple and soft. {1.5 oz metal tin: $21}

{Product Packaging}
Karité Organics’ sustainable company principles impact every choice we make. We have chosen to commit to the legacy of living a guilt free, beautiful, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle while making a positive impact on the world for us all. We use eco friendly recyclable, or reusable, containers and packaging materials that are not only safe for you and your family, but safe for the environment as well. Our products are packed in colored glass, or metal containers, in order to both eliminate the risk of elements leaching out from the container into the formula, and protect the content from exposure to ambient light and heat, preserving the contents’ therapeutic integrity.

{Company Mission}
Our mission is to create the highest quality skin care products that make a positive change to people’s well-being, and we feel that children must to have access to the same healthy and conscientious level of skin care that their parents need. We stand for a world of empowered families who confidently embrace their instinctive wisdom, support conscious wellness choices, as well as an integrated, sustainable, and holistic worldview.

For more information on Karité Organics, please visit www.kariteorganics.com.

Contact Information:
Elena Vasilescu