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Nature Smart™ Ingredients

It is scientifically proven that plant-based foods have unsurpassed bio-active properties that nourish and help regenerate your body. Applying skin care products that are derived from these foods is a smart and natural way to make your skin look as healthy, vibrant, and beautifully flawless as possible. At Karité Organics we cultivate plant-based active ingredients, in their all natural, fresh state, in order to offer you remarkably regenerative results from the healing properties that only nature can provide. Our gentle skin care creations are formulated based on holistic and naturopathic principles, as well as the therapeutic principles of true Aromatherapy to further enhance the well-being of your mind, body and soul.


We are very proud of our ingredients and we encourage you to read our ingredient lists!

At Karité Organics you will find exquisite products that are made with the highest quality of essential minerals, wild and certified organic ingredients available in nature in various parts of the world including countries such as Peru, Chile, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Bosnia, Lithuania, Egypt, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Senegal, Morocco, Kenya, Australia, Philippines as well as the USA. Our focus is to adhere to the organic standards that have become a conscious part of a consumer’s expectation, as well as a trustworthy, principled, company manufacturing its products with integrity. Some of our suppliers are small family farms who have worked for generations to perfect the most pure essential oils available. They choose to make smaller quantities. And, conclusively, we have determined that the slightly higher cost for obtaining these exclusive and unparalleled quality oils is worth it, as their therapeutic qualities, and aromas, are far superior. Our skin care formulas contain plant-based certified organic antioxidants to preserve their shelf life and offer a high quality exemplar of what can be produced naturally.

Essiential Oil Dropper BottleOrganic Skin Care Is Necessary For Your Overall Well-being – No toxins, more nutrients!

Organic products contain 95% or more ingredients that were grown or produced without the use of GMOs, pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewer sludge.  As a result of this, organic products not only have a low impact on our environment, but also are much healthier for our bodies.

Research has shown that organic fruits and vegetables have significantly higher levels of antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, essential minerals and phytonutrients than their conventional counterparts and these benefits are particularly important for preconception, pregnancy, as well as early childhood development. So is organic skin care!