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Nature Smart™ Packaging & Looks

Renewable Yin YangKarité Organics’ sustainable company principles impact every choice we make. We select with great care and extensively research all of our ingredients to ensure that they meet our high standards of efficacy and purity. In addition, we only source ingredients that come from sustainable sources, and the finished products are packed using low impact materials that adhere to our socially consciousness ethos. Our packaging plays a crucial part in the overall experience of our unique products. We use eco friendly recyclable or reusable packaging and materials that are not only safe for you and your family, but safe for the environment as well.

Our packaging commitment:

  • Cobalt and amber glass as opposed to plastic: glass eliminates the risk of chemicals leaching out from the container into our formulas; in addition to protecting the content from exposure to ambient light and heat in order to help preserve its therapeutic integrity
  • Keeping it simple: no unnecessary labels, adhesives, boxes, paper and extras added
  • We use recyclable or biodegradable materials and work with environmentally responsible suppliers
  • Our minimum waste philosophy, in turn, asks that you recycle or reuse all of our products and packaging materials, including our shipping packages
  • While we believe that conscious living doesn’t require that we compromise quality or aesthetics, we partnered with Ripple Creative Group to feature a creative, and environmentally friendly, appearance that is consistent for both our website, and on all of our products, labels, and marketing materials.