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Who We Are

Kids playing in the grassKarité Organics is a family owned and operated company founded on the principles of striving to provide the highest quality, sustainable, organic, and truly natural, skin care products. Each of our products is crafted with great care and is a reflection of the values and philosophy to which we adhere. Our rich and luxurious, moisturizing and healing skin care products are proudly 100% free of toxins, animal by-products, water, artificial fragrances, dyes, emulsifiers, texture enhancers, synthetic preservatives, and other harmful cosmetic chemicals and wasteful or hazardous materials. In order to create proven herbal remedies for the whole family, we work with respected suppliers to find the highest grade, bio-dynamic, naturally occurring minerals, wild and certified organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to nurture, soothe and heal. Karité Organics knows the client because we are also the client.

We are certain that once you delight yourself with our organic products, you and your skin will never want to go back to conventional skin care products! We thank you for sharing our values and mission to have a positive impact on the world we live in. Our brand is created for you, and we are always be happy to hear your feedback!